MA910 Classic 40 Viscose Cone (5000m)



  • Viscose, or Rayon as it is also known, is made using treated fibres from sustainable trees or plants, and only the highest quality Viscose is used to make Madeira’s classic range
  • The global industry standard, Madeira Classic has superb processing characteristics and a beautiful natural shine
  • This high quality and flexible embroidery thread is suitable for all embroidery except for articles subject to industrial laundering with bleaches or chlorine, for which PolyNeon should be used
  • Madeira Classic has been matched to Pantone® under license to give you the best colour matching available
  • The worldwide number one, Madeira Classic is a beautiful, vibrant thread with exceptional high sheen and colour intensity
  • Thread thickness: No. 40
  • Recommended needle size: 65-75
  • Maximum washing temperature: 95°C
  • Clear
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